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Welcome to Nightflite Music + Entertainment, where music is our passion!

For real artists like you, music isn’t just some hobby that you use to pass free time throughout your day. Music is a model for your life, the standard against which you measure everything. If you’re such a artist and musician, then welcome.

Unfortunately, a deep, genuine love for music isn’t always enough to transform your passion into a career. In your hunt for success, you’ll probably follow the musical regiment prescribed to you by your friends or other musicians, yet nobody looks at the videos you posted online. The few gigs you’ve played don’t pay enough to justify quitting your day job. Frustration is building, and although music is in your soul, you can’t stop colliding with barriers.

As thirty-year veterans of the music industry, the certified network associates and professional consultants at Nightflite appreciate that becoming a successful musician isn’t an overnight process. The result you’re searching for rarely comes from impressing a reality TV judge or getting a million views and watching your video go viral. True success is the product of careful planning and strategic handling of your time and money.

Nightflite revolutionized artist development by focusing our attentions on our clients as individuals and equipping them with the right tools which can transform them into headline-worthy acts.

We want to get you to the next level and we know how to do it. Using decades of experience, we evaluate you as an artist and create a FLITE PLAN designed to highlight your strengths and expose your weaknesses. You’ll know exactly where you stand and how to improve. From there, we connect you to a network of coaches, producers and marketers that can provide you with the resources you’ve been lacking and help you grow into an artist that a label will want to sign.

Join the FLITE !

*** Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accept consultation requests until further notice due to high demand and producing contracts. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and look forward to reconnecting with you in the near future.