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Joey Cee

CEO, Chief Consultant

There are very few people in the Canadian music business today that can honestly claim
they have directly experienced just about every facet of the business in one capacity or
another. Joey Cee has done it, seen it and worked most of it.
From the time the Canadian music industry was at its mere infancy to the powerhouse it
is today, Joey Cee has played an active role in its development. While most of his
colleagues have since retired, Joey is still going strong with exciting projects and
developments on his current agenda.

Through Nightflite Music + Entertainment, a company which he founded in the early
80’s as Nightflite Records, he has come on board as the Chief Consultant, now ready to
pass on his experiences as a mentor and musiciatrist to those who are looking to pursue a
career in the “music business” today. Over the decades Joey has been heralded as a “hit
maker” to a “talent scout” and whose keen sense of discovering artists and music have
been well documented. His tenure as a radio station music director, weekly music
columnist for major newspapers, a weekly host on a national radio program, a publisher
of several major music industry magazines, concert programs and Canada’s first and only
weekly music industry newspaper earned him a following, even to this day, by most
people in the music industry.

As the Chief Consultant at Nightflite, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and
experiences that new aspiring talents can benefit from in a big way at the start of their
music career journey. Having been there and done that, literally, Joey has personally
lined up other qualified music industry specialists who will help him help others to
navigate the music industry “realistically” and with the least amount of stress and

Having done it all is an understatement. Over the past 50 plus years, he has tackled and
succeeded in many areas of the music industry, and along the way was a trendsetter in
many areas. Included in these accomplishments, in addition to those aforementioned
above, are stints as a mobile deejay, recording artist, songwriter, music publisher, record
label owner, concert producer and promoter, record producer, music journalist, concert
emcee, radio broadcaster, publicist, music writer, music consultant, music project
developer, graphic artist, headline wordsmith, photographer and poet.
He has worked with many of the world’s greatest and most influential recording artists
and been involved in a number of internationally known music projects in various
capacities. A complete list of accomplishments and a career chronology can be found at

Collin Camilleri

Vice-President, Strategic Development

As the digital age continues to see music as a disposable commodity, Collin Camilleri continues to dedicate his efforts in returning music back to a time where raw talent was cherished and quality was valued.

Son to a true pioneer in the Canadian music industry, Collin found himself gaining real world industry knowledge at a very early age. Recognizing later on in life that he was in the midst of a rare opportunity, he entered the Toronto music scene as a strategic development specialist and image consultant. While educating artists on ways to approach the industry from a business perspective and still maintain a sense of “artist integrity” he works to create a strategic blueprint which is a critical tool in surviving the early stages of ones career.

Taking an interest in helping shape and guide emerging talent on the path toward success, Collin has reinvented the networking process and continues to set his mark on becoming one of the most sought-after strategic development specialists in the business. Through his diverse range of experiences, he is able to create for his clients a solid platform for which they can successfully launch a longstanding career within the music industry.

“Music is the expression of emotion…it say’s what I feel”

Only through first hand experience, Collin is now able to bring his unique expertise to the role of Vice President for Nightflite Music + Entertainment with the goal of educating and enlightening artists to prevent them from being mislead and exploited.

Bill King


Bill King is a musician and photojournalist whose credits range back to the sixties as music director for Janis Joplin, the Pointer Sisters, Martha Reeves and many other well-known artists. He’s an award winning producer, artistic director of the Beaches International Jazz Festival and a former producer/broadcaster at Toronto’s Jazz Fm91, now at Newstalk 1010 as music director for The Ted Woloshyn Show and co-host of the Bill King &Tabby Johnson Show at CIUT 89.5. King’s productions and mentoring helped launch the careers of three prominent Canadian singers; Liberty Silver, Sophie Milman and Shakura S’Aida.

Photography, writing and travel have become a passion and profession the past twenty-five years. With over twenty CD covers, numerous concert images in newspapers, magazines and three major exhibitions as part of Contact Photography, King has taken advantage of his travel opportunities to write about his experiences. The style is personable and from the eyes and ears of a person who is connected to the rhythms of life. He’s a two-time National Jazz Award recipient for Jazz Photographer of the Year -nominated four times for the National Jazz Awards Journalist of the Year, four time nominee for Jazz Journalist Photo of the Year, three-time Juno nominee and Maple Blues Award recipient.

King has been working the past 22 years on various recording projects with the Slaight Family; Liberty Silver, The Saturday Nite Fish Fry, Rockit 88 Band, Ali Slaight, Gavin Hope and his own solo piano recordings.

From August 1987 until early 2006 King was publisher of the international jazz magazine, The Jazz Report. King interviewed many of the young lions and icons of jazz as well as scripting record reviews and contributing photographs.

King is on the teaching staff at the Harris Institute for the Arts and weekly columnist for Cashbox Canada and


Patti Jannetta


Patti Jannetta was discovered while attending school in Toronto, becoming a teen actor in the Canadian production of Jesus Christ Superstar. The show opened in the International Hilton Theatre in Las Vegas, then moved to the famous Aquarius Theatre in Los Angeles, where Patti and company recorded their first album at MGM and A&M Studios. Signing with Quality Records she toured throughout Canada, the Caribbean Islands, the US, Europe and Asia promoting her first solo album.

Patti represented Canada at the International SOPOT Music Festival in Poland to an audience of 50,000. She sang with legendary Charles Aznavour and won the prestigious “Musician’s Favourite” award. Patti appeared in the documentary feature “Superstar”, starring Thai singing sensation Manee. While filming the documentary, Patti along with Debbie Johnson opened for Manee throughout Europe and Thailand. In Monaco, they appeared at the elite Jimmy Z nightclub and at the world renowned MIDEM music festival in Cannes France. As a songwriter, Patti’s had the opportunity to co‐write with many great talents including the legendary Bo Diddley. Her 2nd album “Breathless” included the smash hit single “Party Girl” that earned Patti a Juno Award Nomination. Collaborating with Carol Medina and James Collins they produced the catchy dance track “Tell Me You Love Me”, released worldwide that zoomed to the top of the charts, selling over 1,000,000! All three were presented with a Diamond Record from Quality Records!

Patti is a Past‐Director and now a consultant with Canadian Music Week. She is the President for the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (C.A.A.M.A.), a national, non‐profit organization whose members including Gil Moore, Neill Dixon, Paul Gross, Dan Hill and Tom Barlow that is dedicated to providing its members with free educational programming and non‐commercial showcase opportunities.

Peter Foldy


Peter Foldy was born in Hungary and raised in Sydney Australia where he was influenced toward a career in music after forging a friendship with three brothers who would later find international success as the BEE GEES.

After a family move to Toronto, Foldy enrolled in film school but supported himself by playing in rock bands.

When a music executive heard some of his demos, Foldy was quickly signed to the indie label, Kanata Records. His first recording, “BONDI JUNCTION” soon reached number one on RPM’s Adult Contemporary Chart, received two Juno Award nominations. Bondi Junction was a legitimate pop hit across Canada. An album entitled “Peter Foldy” soon followed.

Before long, Foldy was lured to Capitol/EMI Canada, and the singles, “ROXANNE” and “JULIE-ANN” also climbed to Top 10 status on charts across Canada and the US. “Roxanne” was a hit pick in US industry magazines, Cashbox and Billboard.

When his Capitol deal ended three years later, Foldy began spending time in Los Angeles where a meeting with Tina Turner’s manger, Roger Davies, led to a deal on RCA’s brand new Free Flight label. Foldy continued his musical momentum on Free Flight with the singles, “LOVE CITY”, and “SCHOOL OF LOVE”, songs he both wrote and for the first time, co-produced.

A compilation of Foldy’s music entitled “PETER FOLDY/BONDI JUNCTION AND OTHER HITS” is currently available through Pacemaker Entertainment, distributed by EMI Canada. The CD contains some never released tracks as well as a new Christmas song Foldy wrote especially for this release.

Foldy is currently developing a feature film project called “All You Need is Luck” about the first band signed by the Beatles’ company, Apple. He is also a co-creator of the play, “My First Time”, a stage production that had a successful two and a half year run off-Broadway and is now being produced in over a dozen countries world wide.

A CD of new music by Foldy is slated for release in 2014.

    DJ Shark

    DJ Shark is a Los Angeles-based Disc Jockey, Radio host, film composer, musician and founding member of Wild Colonials, an Alternative band for whom he writes, sings, and plays guitar. His music can be heard in more than thirty feature films. Over the years, Shark has DJ’d everything from Hollywood street parties to magazine photo cover shoots to film premieres and other high level events, including the 2004 ESPN Super Bowl party in Houston and The Sopranos private Emmy party.

    Also hosting his own radio show called “All Time is Now”, DJ Shark takes you on a journey through time and features the best music from the last 70 years. Steaming from a rich family background and son to a true legend in the music scene, Mel Shaw, Shark takes his industry experience and conforms it to create strategies for our clients, which generate greater chances towards success.