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The Story Behind Nightflite Music + Entertainment

Nightflite Music + Entertainment has been a player in the music industry since 1980. Its beginnings were humble. Longtime music man, Joey Cee, founded the company initially as JCO Records, a small independent label. At first, it was so small that it only released Cee’s own recordings.

donna_summerHis first Nightflite triumph was with “Island of St. Paul,” an original number that earned him both popularity and a concert tour of the Mediterranean. Adaptability was a big part of Cee’s business planning, and when he saw the opportunity, he quickly rebranded JCO Records. The company became Nightflite Records.

Spotting talent and hit singles earned Nightflite credibility. Soon enough, the little fish was earning a reputable name for itself in the North American music scene.jacksons

The big splash came in ’81 when Nightflite Records picked up Playboy Magazine Enterprises as a client. The name “Playboy” has a tendency to attract many eyes and Nightflite had to beat out a dozen American labels in order to collaborate with them. Before long, the label had released the magazine’s first (and only) international album. The title was “Playboy Street Rock” and it garnered a lot of attention.

As expected, the “Playboy” album got people’s attention. Nightflite began seeing clients from all over the world. A few high-profile artists came aboard. Among them were Peter Foldy, Ronnie King of the Stampeders, record producer Mel Shaw, the Famous People Players and Dee Murray, Elton John’s bass player.

As Nightflite was pouring its energy into successful partnerships, a change was taking place in the music industry. The way musicians were treated was changing. Artists were no longer producing marketable goods. They were marketable goods. Every artist became a commodity.

rod_stewartFor those industry professionals who were involved in the business for the love of it, this transformation was a difficult pill to swallow. Nonetheless, it became the prominent marketing platform of the whole music business. In the wake of this change, Nightflite executives realized two things: 1) what it meant to be a musician was changing, and 2) new musicians did not know how to handle this change.

Once again, adaptability served the company well. Nightflite became a trailblazer in the industry. Joey Cee wanted to stay close to the artists as people, even as they prepared for a world that was going to treat them like goods. He repurposed the label into Nightflite Music + Entertainment, an artistjagger development company designed to simultaneously educate, improve and commercialize musicians looking to sign with a label.

Using its industry experience, Nightflite began redefining its relationships. Today, every Nightflite client meets talent coaches, music lawyers, promoters, organizers, choreographers, voice coaches, image consultants, producers and a slew of other important professionals.

Nightflite is incredibly proud to be a member of CARAS, of SOCAN and of CIMA. It is also an excited supporter of MusiCounts, a successful music education charity for children all over Canada.

In 2014, the company continues to help artists from the local, national and international musical communities. With no shortage of demand for new, sustainable music talent, Nightflite looks to continue its tradition of artist-focused development for a long, long time.