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Our Motive

Most companies in the music industry tend to emphasize the bottom line, however Nightflite separates itself from that style of approach. We are not profit-driven, so instead of dollars and cents, we focus our attention on the development of seriously passionate artists. Our dedication to their progress comes easily, because we find our motivation in a place that’s much deeper than our client’s wallets. Why do we do what we do? Easy – for the love of the music.

Nightflite has a long history and deep musical roots that reveal the company’s passion for sustaining great music. Joey Cee, Nightflite founder, has a 34-year resume detailing his work in the music industry, including time spent as both an artist and a record label executive. You don’t hang around anything that long unless you have seriously strong desire for it.

We recognize that the lifeblood of the music industry, in every genre, is the introduction of fresh talent. Therefore, we concentrate our energies on developing artists so that record labels give them the attention they deserve. Finding musical success requires more than pumping out new, original material and preparing yourself for the inevitable meteoric rise.

Here’s the thing: record labels don’t want artists who need polishing before their debut albums will be ready for release. Artists aren’t just people anymore. They are all-or-nothing deals and a label won’t even consider an artist unless he or she is a finished product, packaged up pretty and ready to sell. No label wants a relationship with an artist who can’t immediately start earning for them on day one. The balance of their bank account is just too important for them to “waste” time nurturing great musicians.

Nightflite, on the other hand, is full of passionate music professionals who don’t want to see the next generation’s talented artists go unnoticed due to lack of knowledge and planning. We love great music and we have dedicated our entire careers to helping you get into a position where the rest of the world can hear it.

This whole thing isn’t merely to benefit the industry, either. On a personal level, we help develop artists because it’s a whole lot of fun. Watching clients we have worked with break through their ceiling and realize their potential is just as enjoyable as hitting play on their debut album. That’s why we do what we do – for the love of music.